Catzenpup Automatic Pet Feeder

Wet Food For Your Pet Anytime!

The revolutionary new patented Catzenpup wet food pet feeder dispenses fresh, healthier wet, raw, cooked, or prescription dog or cat food for your pet when you can't be home.  Each feeder is specifically designed for your pet and you. 


The Catzenpup 6000 offers a base model with a basic built-in manual timer, while other model versions have optional smartphone programmability and video camera features available

Catzenpup 6000 Automatic Pet Feeeder

  • Easy to Use Food Loading System

  • Holds one container of pet food

  • Simple Timer Scheduling

  • Direct & Scheduled feeding modes

  • Programmable Feeding Timer

  • Optional Smartphone model

  • Optional video camera & viewing app 

Reuseable Resealing Container System

Catzenpup has done it again!  Introducing the resealing, reusable, dishwasher safe, feed your pet ANY FOOD, RAW, CANNED, COOKED, FROZEN, PRESCRIPTION, OR TREAT FROM ANY BRAND...

1. scoop it...

3. feed it!

2. seal it

Catzenpup's new patent pending resealable, reusable pet food container

These new resealable containers use 3M's Dual-Lock velcro technology so you can easily remove the lid, add any pet food into the container, then simply reseal the container for use in the Catzenpup feeder!  


Now ANY food can be served using your Catzenpup 6000 or 9000 feeder, and you can even use our custom ice packs to keep these foods cooler, fresher, and longer before serving for your pet!

Catzenpup Gel Ice Packs

And Catzenpup now offers 4 inch round, high-performance gel ice packs for placing below your pet's raw, cooked, canned, or prescription food.  These long lasting cold pouches cool the chamber surrounding the resealable food container, so whatever pet food you feed your pet, it will stay fresh longer, until serving time for your cat or dog.

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