Cesar Canine Cuisine dog food is one of the most popular dog food brands around, much less in the 3.5 ounce peelable foil lid plastic containers.  Found in most pet stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies, this little food brand is loved by dogs everywhere, and has more flavors available than any other.


They currently offer over 30 flavors in five different branded categories: 

Cesar Canine Cuisine Dog Food

Original Pate

t-bone steak flavor
chicken & beef
porterhouse steak flavor
filet mignon flavor
top sirloin flavor
pork tenderloin flavor
puppy with lamb & rice
puppy with chicken & beef
senior with chicken & rice

Savory Delights

angus beef flavor with bacon & cheese

rotisserie chicken flavor with bacon & cheese

rosemary chicken flavor with spring vegetables

porterhouse steak flavor with peas & carrots

filet mignon flavor with bacon & potato

ham and egg flavor with potato & cheese

pork tenderloin flavor with roasted potatoes & green beans


Gourmet Filets in Sauce

filet mignon flavor 
prime rib flavor
new york strip flavor 

Sunrise Breakfast

with smoked bacon & egg
chicken and cheddar cheese souffle
grilled steak & eggs flavor
scrambled egg & sausage flavor

Home Delights

pot roast with spring vegetables slow cooked chicken & vegetables beef stewhearty chicken, noodle & vegetables meat lasagna in sauceturkey, green beans & potatoes beef with broccoli & brown rice beef stroganoff in sauce


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