The "Keurig of Pet Feeders"

Feed your pet

fresh wet, raw, cooked, or prescription food

all day, every day

The Catzenpup automatic pet feeder is the only pet feeder in the world invented to allow busy pet parents to feed their cat or dog WET FOOD when they can't be home.  


The Catzenpup feeder serves FRESH, HEALTHY, newly opened wet, raw, cooked, or prescription food meal at the pet's required feeding time.  The Catzenpup feeder supports both pet and parent in the following ways:


  • Feed your dog or cat single servings of healthy wet food

  • View your pet over wifi video webcam on our app

  • Change feeding schedule remotely by smartphone app

  • Prevent dry pet food diet  free feeding health issues  

Order your Catzenpup feeder today with a $30 deposit !

(Expected delivery mid-2018)

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sleeping in every day

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Catzenpup Automatic Pet Feeder System

The revolutionary new patented Catzenpup wet food pet feeder dispenses fresh, healthier wet dog or cat food for your pet when you can't be home.  Canned wet, raw, cooked, prescription, or already available pre-sealed food containers all can be served with Catzenpup.  The base model comes with a basic built-in manual timer, and optional smartphone programmability and video camera features too.


Catzenpup 6000 Automatic Pet Feeder

  • Easy to Use Food Loading System

  • Holds two containers of pet food

  • Simple Timer Scheduling

  • Direct & Scheduled feeding modes

  • Programmable Feeding Timer

  • Optional Smartphone timer programmability

  • Optional video camera & viewing app 

Order your Catzenpup feeder today for only  $30 deposit!

Catzenpup needs a few select pet parent's to help test our first beta-prototype feeders ASAP, so signup now below and tell us about your pet's needs.  We'll select beta testers right away on an ongoing basis and contact you to arrange shipment and timing.



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Reuseable Resealable Container System

Catzenpup has done it again!  Introducing the resealing, reusable, dishwasher safe, feed your pet ANY FOOD, RAW, CANNED, COOKED, FROZEN, PRESCRIPTION, OR TREAT FROM ANY BRAND...

2. seal it

3. feed it!

1. scoop it...

These new resealable containers use 3M's Dual-Lock velcro technology so you can easily remove the lid, add any pet food into the container, then simply reseal the container for use in the Catzenpup feeder!  


Now ANY food can be served using your Catzenpup 6000 or 9000 feeder, and you can even use our custom ice packs to keep these foods cooler, fresher, and longer before serving for your pet!

3M Dual Lock Sealing Bands

3M Dual Lock Sealing Bands

Catzenpup Gel Ice Packs

And Catzenpup now offers 4 inch round, high-performance gel ice packs for placing below your pet's raw, cooked, canned, or prescription food.  These long lasting cold pouches cool the chamber surrounding the resealable food container, so whatever pet food you feed your pet, it will stay fresh longer, until serving time for your cat or dog.

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Voted #1 Popular Pet Product of 2015

Named A Top 10 New Dog Products in 2015! logo logo

in the Industry Edge Pet Product survey!


Voted Coolest Invention January 2017

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Dry Pet Food Health Dangers

Pet experts agree there are clear health dangers and risks associated with feeding pets dry, processed kibble pet food. View research from trusted websites and reputable pet resources you need to know. 


Kidney disease
Cystitis/Urethral blockage

Urinary tract infection/Crystals

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Hepatic Lipidosis

Dental health




Known pet health issues associated with a dry food diet:

Pet Health Trusted Resources:


About Us:  Amber, me, and Catzenpup

This adventure started in 2012 in Brooklyn, NY when my 17 year old cat Amber repeatedly was contracting urinary tract infections (UTIs), and then she stopped eating dry cat food.  She lost weight from being sick, so I had to figure something out. Having been a mechanical design engineer and worked in product development, I started grinding my brain gears mind grapes on ways I could feed her wet food more often during the day, and at night.  Using a wall timer, can opener, and a tarp clamp I hacked together a feeder that worked perfectly for months... Fast forward to today, I've built many prototypes, came up with name "Catzenpup", built a website, made videos myself, all while using my feeders to feed Amber for several years every single day.  Sadly Amber passed away in summer 2015, and hard as that was, I've journeyed on with the encouragement of pet parents who love this feeder concept, all the while knowing there are pets who absolutely need it, like Amber did.  I've been granted a patent, been invited to audition for Shark Tank,  Make Me a Millionare Inventor, The StartupHour TV, been on several podcasts with the likes Kevin Harrington and others.  Nowadays I'm back to working full time in digital marketing and branding in the Washington, D.C. area while continuing work to develop Catzenpup feeders for pet parents who need it like I did.  There's more to the story too, so you can read the whole story on the About Us page.

We miss you, Amber...

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