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Taking Care of Your New Pup

October 1, 2014

Having a puppy in the household can prove to be one of the most exciting times in your life. The feeling of having a little rascal running around the house playing different antics and making you smile after a tiring day is one of the most rewarding feelings you can get once you welcome a little pup inside your home.

My name is Juno, can I come in, paw-wease?


Here are some simple facts you should remember when welcoming a puppy in your household.


Puppies have different needs compared to adult dogs.


This is very basic. A puppy has different needs compared to an adult dog. It also may be much easier to raise a puppy than getting an adult dog most especially if you are just having a dog in your household for the first time. Puppies are like babies, you need to attend to their needs most of the time. So unless you do not have the time and the patience for “dog sitting”, a dog in your household might not work. Getting a short course on the basic nutritional needs of your dog as well as its emotional and physical needs is important.


Puppies grow fast.


Puppies unlike babies grow faster, thus you can start training your new fur babies for obedience right away. Training them to sleep in a certain area or eat in a specific bowl are just some of the basics. Doing so also helps them avoid food poisoning or helps in preventing them from damaging stuff inside the house.

They said it was mine to do what I wanted with it. I decided to eat it.


Puppies need space to run and roam.


Always allocate time for your puppies outside your homes. The earlier you introduce them to the environment and the things surrounding them, the easier it will be for them to adapt and to familiarize themselves. Allow them to run, explore and discover things on their own.

Branch Manager



Puppies and dogs in general are curious.


Puppies are curious little creatures. They tend to explore on their own. Thus it is important to tuck away things and chemicals in the house that are potentially hazardous to them. Try to avoid garbage inside your homes that may cause choking or may endanger your friends.

Rubber chickens are great, real chicken could cause me to choke!


It is also very important to include your whole family in raising a puppy. Doing so will ensure that your puppy is really getting the best. When you welcome a puppy in your home, you need to welcome them into your family as well.

And your chairs and your bed are all belong to me now. Goodnight. Zzzzzz

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