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What is the best food to feed my cat?

October 13, 2014

For the average adult healthy cat, Donna Solomon, DVM, of the Animal Medical Center of Chicago recommends a wet food diet with the following composition -- greater than 50 percent of the calories ingested should be from protein, less than 10 percent daily calories from carbohydrates, and at least 30 percent of their daily calories from fat.



Now catzenpup will make following the doctor's orders much easier, by allowing you to feed your cat wet food automatically throughout the day or anytime you are away, at work or during the night when your cat is most active. 


How much wet food?


Dr. Solomon recommends that at least twice daily you open some wet food for your cat. But now with the catzenpup automatic feeder, you can feed your cat the veterinarian recommended wet food more than once a day, even when you are not home!



Why do veterinarians say that cats need wet food?


Did you that cats evolved in the dessert? That means they have a very low thirst drive and therefore a cat fed a dry food diet will ingest 50 percent less water than a cat fed wet food!


Eat five to six mice and call me in the morning!


If cats are left to their own devices, they prefer to eat the mices! Veterinarians will be the second (after the cat) to say that a little mouse is the perfect nom nom for ol' Tom Tom.  They are a perfect little package of fiber (fur), protein (muscle) and liquid (blood) and low in carbohydrates.


Yes, it's hard to believe that purring ball of squishy goodness on your duvet is a cold-blooded killer, but let's face it, cats are carnivores. They are evolved to eat meat, not plants. An ideal diet for a cat would be five-to-six mice per day!


Unlike omnivores, cats are unable to process and store carbohydrates well. Cats fed high carbohydrate diets have higher blood glucose levels compared to cats fed low carbohydrate diets due to their failure to convert excess glucose to glycogen (storage form of energy). According to an article in the HuffPost many cats recently diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus are placed on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet (like the diet composition I recommended above) and their diabetes has gone into remission. These cats no longer need insulin. In addition, it has been speculated that cats fed high carbohydrate diets may have a have a higher incidence of gastrointestinal disease (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) due to their poor management of carbohydrates ingested and resultant bacterial overgrowth in their gastrointestinal tract.


You may say, "Gross!", but to your precious little fur baby a mouse is a delicacy! Mice are made of approximately 70 percent water. Remember, most wet foods contain at least 75 percent water compared to dry foods which are about 10 percent water. But most modern day cat parents don't really have time to feed a cat a mouse every couple of hours throughout the day...plus..."ew!" So in lieu of that  you should really consider the wet food diet! 


Why more water? 


Higher water intake equates to more dilute urine and lower incidence of crystal formation in urine so cats who are predisposed to forming crystals in their urine benefit the most from ingesting canned diets. In addition, cats fed wet food have a lower incidence of hyperthyroidism, diabetes, constipation, obesity and helps keep cats hydrated with kidney disease. All of which can be very expensive to treat if your fur kid ever gets sick from one of these diseases. 


In conclusion: Wet Food is the Answer.


According to Dr. Solomon, the key to choosing a good diet for your cat is to choose a diet that mimics the nutritional composition of their natural diet. Although our understanding of feline nutrition may be at it's infancy stage today, she recommend feeding an animal-based protein rich wet food to your beloved cat for maximum longevity and good health. 




Our Kickstarter launches in November and the device will be ready for market by February 2015! 


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