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8 things to do to Make Your Cat or Pup Happy!

October 27, 2014

Pet parents are always proud when it comes to their pet's feats. Any kind of new trick or show of discipline is a personal accomplishment in the eye's of many pet parents. Let us be honest, all these things do not come easily. A lot of hours have to be spent with our fur babies, from training to playing, the good pet is a pet who has had a lot time spent on her or him. One thing is forever constant though, our furry friends are always there to make us happy no matter what happens!


Do you know that our cute and furry buddies do not need a lot of stuff to be happy? What a really simple life our furry friends must have. They just eat, sleep, play, and wait for us to come home. They just want to make their hoomans happy! Pet parents know this already. 

Let us return the favor even if they never demand it. Below are the 8 things you can do to ensure the happiness of your furry buddies.


1. A doggy or kitty bath is important and outdoor animals will need to be bathed more often than indoor ones. Observe proper grooming such as cutting excess hairs and cleaning the ears to prevent ear mites and to ensure their acute hearing. Always talk softly to your animal while bathing them. Avoid loud sounds and fast movement. Don't get soap in their eyes. Move deliberately and explain to them what you are doing. They are intelligent creatures and understand words and intentions.


2. Regularly visit your friendly veterinarian every 6 months. This catches any early onset problems while making sure your pet is used to going somewhere that is helpful for them.


3. Dogs need to eat dog food and cats need to eat cat food. Avoid feeding them scrap foods or allow anybody to feed her strange leftovers whenever you go out for a walk. Think about the right nutrition for your pets. Many pet parents are turning more towards wet food at least for one to two meals a day. Older pets especially need wet food for several reasons, like weaker teeth or the need for more liquid in their diet. Catzenpup has created an automatic feeder that will allow you to feed your pet wet food when you aren't home. This will provide your pet the freshest can possible while you are away. We've tested in on Amber and she's over 10 years old and loves it. It puts the power in her paws!


4. A doggy playground makes the dog's day complete. Have you seen their cute faces every time you go out and play in a real doggy playground? What an amazing sight to behold; all that fun and excitement! Allow your pet's muscles to stretch. Visit the park for their regular exercise. Throw some Frisbee and let them run like crazy. It's good for them as it is to you. Indoor pets also need exercise and setting aside an hour a day to play with your indoor cat is great for bonding as well as getting them to move around. A red laser pointer or a throwing around a catnip mouse or jingle ball means the world to your fur baby.


5. Pups and kittehs always like rewards. Give them what they deserve, everyone likes treats! Treats for ALL!


6. A little belly scratch is enough to brighten a pup's or cat's day. Show your furry buddies some love, for them it's really a big deal.


7. Perhaps, include your dog on your regular exercise. Your company is what matters the most to them.


8. Spend ample time with your furry friend. At the end of the day, they are just longing for your company.

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