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Five Reasons Not to Get a Dog

October 29, 2014

1. Guard dog



Getting a dog to guard your property or to make you look like a bad dude or dudette while you’re walking down the street with your BAE is NOT a good idea! Using a dog as a weapon is definitely not cool, and not only that, it is illegal in most places. It’s true that many breeds of dogs are loyal and protective of their human families and we’ve all heard tales of dogs that put themselves in harm’s way to save their humans, but these are the benefits of being a pup parent, not the reason to be one! It’s great knowing that Fido or Jake is on alert when you’re not, and it’s a safe feeling knowing they will notice an intruder before you do, but keep it in perspective that for most people, having protection is not really necessary.



2. If home is a pit-stop.


Pups make a house feel like a home, it’s true. But imagine being shut away from all interaction with any other living being all day, every day, day after day with no end in sight and that’s what you are doing to your dog if you are never at home. The tail wagging and excitement when they haven’t seen you comes whether you’ve been gone for 5 minutes or 5 days. Dogs are pack animals. They need you, you are all they have. You have your work, friends, family, going out to eat, going to movies, whatever it is you do all day, your dog only has you. Consider that if you aren’t going to be home that often, to not get a dog, or any pet for that matter until your life circumstances change. Dogs should not be left alone for more than a few hours a day and kenneling them for that amount of time is more of a punishment than anything, almost like doggie jail. What did he ever do to deserve that? Hold off on getting a dog if you can’t be around more than a couple hours a day.



3. “I want one now, daddy!”



This is a tale as old as time. The kids want a dog. They talk about their friend’s dog or look wistfully after a man playing fetch with his dog at the park. You try to explain to your kids that dogs are a lot of work. If you yourself aren’t excited about getting a dog and you are the parent of a child who has trouble getting their clothes from the floor to the drawer, then the constant cries of ‘can we have a dog? should be easy to ignore. Whatever you do, don’t fall for it unless you have one of those rare children who don't have a problem doing extra curricular work that they won’t get any money for doing.  At the end of the day, you know you’ll be the one scooping poop and going to vet appointments.  Do not give in to your children’s demands for a dog unless you are also fully on board with the decision, and further that you are able to commit to caring for and loving the dog even if/when your kids are off to college or are busy being teenagers with school and their friends.



4. Trend-setter


Small dogs are adorable. Let's face it, everything small is adorable. But keep in mind that even though the small breed “handbag dogs” are so wee they make you squee, they are still dogs! Dogs that need to be trained, walked, fed and cleaned up after. A sweet, cute little dog in a little fashionable, specially designed underarm pet carrier is definitely adorbs, but remember, that little darling will be pooping and peeing just like any other dog. Are you prepared to put your fashion needs aside and tend to the more natural side of pet ownership? If not, consider an accessory that doesn’t require the next 15 years of your love and devotion. 



5. If you’re still footloose and fancy free.

Here’s the biggest reason you might want to hold off on getting a dog or any pet for that matter: Money. Just as kids cost, so do dogs. When a dog is still a puppy or while they are young they probably won’t need much, but as they age their care could end up costing thousands of dollars, usually their care does end up costing that much in fact. Right now you might have the time and money to take care of your dog, but what if your circumstances change. What if you get a new job that requires you to be gone all the time? Or what if you have to move or get a partner who is allergic? If you are able to say that you will always put your dog first then by all means, consider getting one, but if you can’t honestly say that you would, hold off!


These are only five reasons. There are plenty of others. What are some reasons why you think someone should hold off on getting a dog? 

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