Dog Food Brands Compatible with Catzenpup Feeders

Cesar Canine Cuisine Dog Food

Cesar Canine Cuisine dog food is one of the most popular dog food brands around, much less in the 3.5 ounce peelable foil lid plastic containers.  Found in most pet stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies, this little food brand is loved by dogs everywhere, and has more flavors available than any other.


Cesar currently offers over 30 flavors in five different branded categories.  Learn more >>

Cesar Canine Cuisine Wet Dog Food Catzenpup

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo is a leader in pet health and quality dog foods.  With three primary categories of dog food options available in 3.5 oz containers, Blue Buffalo as a trusted brand and delicious wet food option for small and medium sized dogs to use in their Catzenpup Feeder.  Blue Buffalo currently offers 13 flavors in three branded categories.

Merrick Lil' Plates Dog Food

Merrick Pet Care recently launched this new wet dog food cup product line, and it looks like a winner.  Known for quality pet foods for dogs and cats, Merrick's arrival to the single serve plastic tray food segment with nine hearty flavors for dogs tells you this is more than a packaging trend it's a pet health movement.

Bella Dog Food by Purina

Purina quietly launched the Bella dog food brand positioning it as a premium, pampered small dog food competitor to Cesar Canine Cuisine.  Already available in Petsmart stores, there are currently 6 flavors of this small dog single serving food offering.  It's not as widely available nor offers as many flavors as other brands, but Purina likely intends for Bella will to be around a long time.

Authority Dog Food

Authority dog food comes in several flavors, but those options vary based on geographic store location.  A quality wet food option sold exclusively at Petsmart, it is a decent food for dogs to try in finding what your pet loves to eat.


Grreat Choice Dog Food

Grreat Choice is another private label brand sold by Petsmart that offers a variety of fresh wet food flavors for dogs.  With meaty chunks and small bite size whole food ingredients, your dog may love Grreat Choice for their daily feedings.

Bil Jac Dog Foods

Bil Jac dog food bills themselves as "Super Premium Dog Food" serving your pet's health above all.  Their reputation is very good, and their wet food product offerings in 3.5oz containers are fewer than other brands, but they are typically found in Petsmarts nationwide.  They sell about four flavors of dog food, and they even look appetizing for anyone to eat with pieces of green beans and pieces of meat certainly visible and appealing to your dog.

Lily's Kitchen Dog Foods 

As organic and quality pet foods are the trend these days, Lily's Kitchen is a lesser known name yet a big reputation for natural quality dog products.  Offering 8 flavors of wet dog food in peelable lid containers, Lily's provides healthy food for dogs worthy of any lvoing pet parent's consideration.

Royal Canin Wet Dog Food Trays

Royal Canin is typically known as a veterinarian grade pet food manufacturer, making high quality, specialty, and prescription cat and dog foods.  While not readily available in pet stores, wet dog food tray cup products can be purchased online from select etailers and pet websites.  If you dog or puppy has special needs or finicky tastes, these Royal Canin options are worth looking into, even if availability is less than other major brands.

Nutro & Ultra Wet Dog Food Trays

Nutro pet food brand, and it's Nutro "Holistic Superfood" sister brand, are a reputable pet food manufacturer.  Widely known for their dry food products, they make treats, canned wet food, and also own Greenies pill pockets brands for pets.  Bottom line, Nutro and Ultra appear committed to offering quality wet dog food options, and Catzenpup feeders open their plastic tray food products, so they are another option to consider for your pup.

Solid Gold Pet Dog Food Trays

I learned of Solid Gold Pet Foods recently, a pet food company that has been around 40+ years.  They have a broad array of wet and dry food offerings (also treats and supplements), all healthy, natural products with no preservatives or saturated fats.  They make wet dog food in plastic trays too, so check them out.

... and more!

if you don't see your cat's brand, ask us if Catzenpup can open it!

Reuseable Resealable Container System

Catzenpup has done it again!  Introducing the resealing, reusable, dishwasher safe, feed your pet ANY FOOD, RAW, CANNED, COOKED, FROZEN, PRESCRIPTION, OR TREAT FROM ANY BRAND...

1. scoop it...

2. seal it

3. feed it!

These new resealable containers use 3M's Dual-Lock velcro technology so you can easily remove the lid, add any pet food into the container, then simply reseal the container for use in the Catzenpup feeder!  


Now ANY food can be served using your Catzenpup 6000 or 9000 feeder, and you can even use our custom ice packs to keep these foods cooler, fresher, and longer before serving for your pet!

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